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Our team is an incredible source of information, inspiration, and dedication to everything BarkAgainst stands for. We’re so happy to work in something that we love so much, and invite you to learn more about us below.


She / Her 
Cisgender female, Abrosexual, Poly, Caucasian.

Ms Puppy UK 2023

Hi I'm Scruff, I am the snoot behind the BarkAgainst campaign. Diversity and inclusion are a big part of what makes the petplay community fantastic; but we still have a long way to go. I myself was affected by misconceptions about what the petplay community was like; but am now a proud and loud member of the puppyplay community! My aim is to listen and to educate on matters of inclusion. Feel free to message me on any matter regarding diversity and I will endeavour to reply at my earliest convenience. 

Don't be scared to say hi at events and tell me what it is you think our community needs to support each other in an ever changing world!

Speaks: Englsh, learning English Sign Language.

Preferred contact: twitter / telegram and email ""



He/Him, They/Them
AMAB, Abrosexual

bio to come soon



She/ Her
Cisgender female, pansexual, closed relationship (married), Caucasian

Hey I'm Dawn, I am really passionate about making the petplay community as equal and inclusive as possible with no discrimination around.  As a cisgender female I have faced discrimination towards me and other petplayers because of our gender, relationship status etc. I want to make more events open to everyone and have access points so petplayers with disabilities can attend the venue. I love looking after/supporting people so am happy to talk, support and work with other people, so if you spot my rainbow hood at meets feel free to approach me and say hello. 

Speaks: English

Preferred contact: Twitter/Instagram/ Telegram



Trans Non-binary, Demi-Pansexual, Brown Latinx

Hello, I'm Minty a Fox that is also a pup on rare occasions! I am an ambassador for #BarkAgainst and I help run The Howling in NC, USA. 

Bringing awareness and opening events to welcome creatures of all kinds is very important to me as someone that is brown and AFAB. I want to extend this help to others so that they feel included in the pet play community and to give tips to event organizers on how to make everyone feel welcomed.

I'm open for anyone to message me on any topics regarding inclusivity and diversity, whether it's to vent or get resource tips for events. 

Speaks: English 

Preferred contact: Twitter (@MintyFoxy_AD), Instagram (@Minty_Foxy_AD), telegram (@Minty_Spice_Fox)




 Italian, Non binary Trans, bisexual and demisexual

Trainer UK 2023

I'm 33yo, I'm Autistic and I'm a Mental health first aider and advocate.

I care for inclusion and diversity in the Pet play community and make events more inclusive for neurodivergent people.

I'm the elected Trainer UK 2023.

Speaks: Italian, Italian sign language, English

Preferred forms of contact for public to use: Twitter (PupFenris89) Instagram (tonyfenriswolf)



British, Bisexual, Polygamous, sex worker

Hi! I'm Bourne a (mostly) shiny rubber creature that enjoys meowing at people! I'm 21, and I've been hosting a small series of petplay classes alongside my partner, to educate the kink community about petplay and promote pet inclusiveness in our community. I am also a kitten(Bombay Black) and pony  (Shetland Pony) player

Speaks: English

Preferred forms of contact for public to use: (twitter email etc)

Twitter @Bournelatex

Fetlife- LatexBourne



She/ Her
Spaniard, Cis-female , Bisexual

Puppy player (service dog) and leatherwoman. I'm 23, I'm looking for ways to make a more inclusive and diverse community on my country and taking care of those new puppies so they can feel comfortable and enjoy the events.

Speaks Spanish, English

Meet The Ambassadors: Meet The Team
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