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Any Love is Valentine's

Happy Valentine's day to all. I’m sure as kids a lot of us saw Valentine's day as just for the parents and couples, but it is definitely more than that. It is a time to celebrate all forms of love both romantic and family based, even practicing some self love or care.

Of course love and showcasing it isn’t exclusive to Valentine’s day but it can give us time to reflect on all the love we have in our life. Also learning to love and care for the people around us by just being kind and treating people equally, is important. Trying to make changes so that people feel included and loved can make a world of difference to them. It can be a worry as to how can I show my love/care to someone I care for when you are financially struggling. But honestly the little things can be just as special, such as a movie night or some exclusive romantic time on Valentine’s. Never worry about the ‘expectations’ of this day as the people you love know how much you love them and that’s the most important. Learn to also love yourself such as with self care like a warm bath or even words of affirmation, taking time to encourage those we care for. If you are feeling lonely during this time please reach out to someone, it can be easier said than done but I assure you it can really help and bring a weight off your chest. Know there are people that do love and care for you out there even if you can’t see it.

~ Dawn

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