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Goodbye 2022

As the frost sets on the ground in the UK and the rain drizzled on, we at BarkAgainst are thankful for the family who surround us, as this year draws to an end.

Whether that be blood relations or chosen family. Those who we hold dear are always there to help and support you in the festive celebrations.

Merry Christmas

Blessed Yule

Hanukkah Sameach

Happy Kwanzaa

Across the country, while people are gathering together to share love through song, gift and (on occasion) alcoholic merriment. We think of those, who at this time of year, feel isolated and alone, and we are here to say that, you are strong and surrounded by people who want nothing but your happiness. Those who will support you, and love you; chosen families or close friends.

Alternatively, it admirable to reach out to professionals for support when times are hard, when you need it the most.

( links to supportive websites are shared on our free resources page)

As 2022 ends, thoughts of resolutions come to mind. "How can I improve the pitfalls from last year, what can I do to be better?"

There's no one day to determine a change for the better. Who are you improving yourself for. What really needs to change for 2023 to be your best year?

Remember to think SMART resolutions if you wish to set them.





Time constrained

"It is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change." HRM Queen Elizabeth 2nd

- ScruffPupp

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